KYO Consulting, Inc, an MWBE and HUB certified company, specializes in architectural programming and pre-design services, including visioning, strategic planning, business consulting, workplace integration, and people engagement. We specialize in defining people experiences within the cultural narratives of their organizations, and in advancing how organizational and spatial strategies evolve a team’s mission.

Our success is based on our ability to understand the impact space has on
the quality of the human experience. We:

  • Listen, observe, and live with our client to understand how space shapes culture, to define how behavioral protocols profile architectural experiences, and to preserve and enhance the cultural content of a group or organization
  • Assemble a multitude of requirements visually, poetically, experientially, and numerically to assist in decision-making
  • Lead discussions and reflect back insights about a group’s use of space, culture, and processes
  • Create scenarios to understand all viable options
  • Synthesize and balance observations, analysis, and requests into a solution that achieves consensus
  • Communicate decisions and create feedback loops that improve outcomes through co-creation