Cultural Narratives

We extract, amplify, evolve the DNA of a group, company, institution to fuel the design exercise. This step is an imperative, ideally before site selection, RFP writing, and design team / project management team selection. It can also be started as part of the design process itself to inform the rest of the life cycle of the building all the way to facility operations. A clear narrative advances the organizational development of teams as well as the development of space. It leads to bringing to life the core ideas in the company’s mission. [Additional Details]

Workplace Strategy

KYO has developed and implemented workplace strategies regionally and globally for many clients – ranging from cities and municipalities to Fortune 500 companies. We leverage our knowledge, experience, tools, and engaging facilitation techniques to efficiently and effectively help companies develop a workplace strategy that supports business goals and objectives. [Additional Details]


KYO has evolved traditional programming methods to conduct vision sessions, user interviews, and client review and approval meetings. This methodology is highly interactive and collaborative to gain input from a variety of stakeholders and build consensus among groups. KYO seeks to find a range of possible solutions to any problem and focuses the decision making on prioritizing alternatives to achieve an optimum outcome. [Additional Details]

People Engagement and Organizational Change Management

KYO creates engagement programs that are specific to the business needs of our clients. We help individuals, teams, and organizations transitioning from a present to a future state through communication plans, pilots, group discussions, town halls, dashboards, and digital portals. KYO synthesizes the DNA of a team to advance cultural and behavioral protocols. [Additional Details]

Portfolio and Facility Planning

KYO works with our clients to map the type, quantity, and location of spaces needed to achieve business objectives. Planning involves a comparison of actual and potential performance of spaces in a real estate portfolio and is tailored to an organization’s specific geographic, cultural, and process needs. With the establishment of a baseline – understanding of existing facilities – we create a gap analysis and establish a plan for future needs. [Additional Details]

Research and Benchmarking

Our team thrives in compiling, analyzing, and using financial, cultural, spatial, and technological data in the design of environments – all with human experience at the center. We use data from industry leaders and top academic organizations to create platforms of innovation and conversations that advance a company’s mission statement as well as create a feedback loop allowing design to act as an accelerator. [Additional Details]