Cultural Narratives

We extract, amplify, evolve the DNA of a group, company, institution to fuel the design exercise. This step is an imperative, ideally before site selection, RFP writing, and design team / project management team selection. It can also be started as part of the design process itself to inform the rest of the life cycle of the building all the way to facility operations. A clear narrative advances the organizational development of teams as well as the development of space. It leads to bringing to life the core ideas in the company’s mission.

Tools of Cultural Narratives

  • Review of Company’s Core Values and Standards
  • Study of Workplace Habits and Routines
  • Workshops to Understand Shared Language and Governance Forums
  • Mapping of Business Processes, Information Flows, and KPIs
  • Walk and Talks to See the Organization at Work
  • Matrix Roles and Responsibilities